Reflections on Alpha Male Theory

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The problem with our community, due to the rejection factor in clubs, is that it is easy to hate women and blame everything bad that happens to your lack of alpha maleness. I don’t think it helps confused chodes and it exacerbates the problem. Not only they are chodes but they become hating chodes or scared chodes, I don’t know which is worse.

Clint Eastwood rape scene

It is brutal as it is mysogynistic. if you notice the girl is fascinated by him and his tough guy antics. this was way ahead of its time. it is suggested in the scene that she kind of wants to be raped. very disturbing stuff.

and to top it all off, we have the midget watching it all happening. this was ahead of its time.

Tim and alpha male theory

It comes with the Pu territory. We won’t get rid of this. It can only be coped with. I try to stay away from this on program as much as I can. As you notice I don’t ever deal with the “higher value” issue because I know how fucked up it is. It can be interpreted with “having the power over her” etc. I know Tim did the same and never talked about it either. I pretty follow whatever Tim used to do on program. He had dealt with these issues for many years and found a way around them. I am still finding my way around them with the fear technology. I try to find a distraction from the bad side of pick up or my job becomes 10 times harder. We must keep capitalizing on the fear factor and stay away from the alpha male bullshit. Tim found a way to teach pick up and distract students from those bad issues. For me he was a genius and still is. Very underrated though.

Historic roots of alpha male theory

The community was introduced to this alpha male shit by an on old relic, a Croatian called “Bad boy” from the ancient times of 6 years ago. lol.

He would teach alpha maleness. It sounded like a mix of bravado macho shit from Eastern Europe linked with matrix metaphors and societal Darwinism. He sold a lot of programs based on that. It was a naive way to approach pick up. What we have today is a new hybrid that is far more dangerous but basically the same shit. At times, in various PU circles, it is disguised under “inner game” but it is a remake of the old “bad boy” antics.

Constant change

I have witnessed in 6 or 7 years of PU community involvement how same trends keep coming up under new names and disguises. We go through the same ebbs and flows of any other industry. The old  become new and the new become old and so on. No need for panic. It all evens out in the end and find its way to make guys successful with women. I personally have nothing against what’s being taught. However, I know how many trends can lead into dangerous paths for my clients and try to steer them clear from them. I do what I can to make them successful.

6 thoughts on “Reflections on Alpha Male Theory

  1. Not sure I entirely follow. Do you mean that there is a huge misinterpretation of what it means to be an alpha male?

  2. i am saying this concept of alpha maleness not only is not necessary but at times detrimental for success with women for certain guys. most stuff we do in field with women, it is implicitly alpha. i approach this from the standpoint of a teacher who has limitted time(a weekend) to teach his students and can’t afford to waste time.

  3. Yeah, that makes sense. After taking my first program, I’ve never gone out and “thought” about being alpha. I rarely even talk about it anymore – it really does “just happen” through your actions.

  4. Reading this article Reflections on alpha male theory jogs my memory of my old roommate! He always kept speaking about this. I will forward this article to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for the information you publish.

  5. Took my time to read all the feedback, but I actually enjoyed the post » Reflections on alpha male theory. It proved to be very helpful to me and I’m certain to all of the commenters here! I’ll subscribe to your feed, please continue writing!

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