Dating Advice for Men: Daytime Approaching and Fear Technology(infield Video)

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I’ve just put out a highly in depth video on the topic of day game since some of you out there prefer to do daytime approaching than night time. I don’t think the mindset is that different when you apply fear technology.
These videos encompass the realities of the game that I have encountered since I first started teaching programs in Sydney in 2005. The power of so many years of experience has reveal to me what this whole “Pick up” thing is all about.

This is information that will change your life forever.

Enlighten yourself and check it out right now…and leave some comments.

Interesting huh? These concepts can change your life in many
ways, the least of which is with girls, and yet with girls it is
very profound.
Oh yeah, that reminds me… I haven’t taken the time to mention Real Social Dynamics Bootcamps in London every weekend yet. I run those. At RSD, we like to think of
ourselves as “doctors of game”. We see a guy on life support, go in and
operate, then put him in rehabilitation until he’s ready to play at the top

Think of it like this: if you had a brain tumor, you wouldn’t go into your
garage, get out some power tools and start drilling away at your skull,
would you? I hope not.

So then why would you try to operate on your own game? It’s true, it is
possible to develop your game to the kind of levels we’re talking about
here on your own, but typically this takes YEARS of trial and error.

That’s YEARS of brutal crash and burns. Years of rejections.

That’s totally unnecessary. The RSD Executive Coaches endured that so
you don’t have to. We have literally DECADES of experience under our
collective belt; experience that we will impart to YOU.

Learn more about RSD London Bootcamps by visiting our site:

Executive Coach
Real Social Dynamics

15 thoughts on “Dating Advice for Men: Daytime Approaching and Fear Technology(infield Video)

  1. Nice, straightforward video — good stuff. Would have loved to see infield footage of the guy opening the set with eight dudes and one girl. Enjoying these Ozzie, keep it up.

  2. paul,

    but certainly not a popular blog. to be honest with you, i don’t know how long i can keep it up because there is no traffic. nobody is interested in simple, straight forward pick up advice. i would love to keep doing it but i wonder this is affordable investment of time and energy. pick up advice has become a form of entertainment that not only i don’t endorse but can not do and keep straight face.


  3. nicky,
    thanks. i would have loved to have a video of that guy because it was impressive to watch. unfortunately, my main camera guy was not on that weekend and i couldn’t get anybody to sit in for him.
    better luck next time.

  4. dave,
    glad you like them. if you like them keep in touch because you don’t know whether my next will be the last.


  5. BRO

    This blog is phenomenal, I am not sure how to increase traffic, maybe remind people on RSDNation, get it featured on other instructor blogs like bradbranson etc, I am not sure. But I do know that this you should keep this up. If i can think of ways o increase traffic I will let you know.



  6. I love this man.

    I think RSD/pickup conditioning makes you believe that you HAVE TO BE a pimp/alpha/whatever to have “success with women”.

    This belief is not productive.



  7. Just read you comments Ozzie.

    Giving VALUE is awesome but you need to learn how to get traffic to your website (SEO, promotion on RSDnation,…)

    I think Brad/Alex can help you with that.


  8. Wassup Ozzie! Your teachings are making waves in Brazil. I bought your book, it’s a fucking class A product man. It improved my game very much. My wing is reading it and he is having a blast too. Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge with us. I wish u the fucking best in your journey! About the blog, man, it would be sad to see this blog go down. Don’t give up. We are making great use of your videos in my turf. Peace.

  9. Ozzie.

    This is by far the best rsd blog. Your material is awesome. Some blunt feedbak:

    1) videos of lisneting AND SEEING one dude on a monologue get boring quickly. Very easy to say: “who the fuck is this dude, why is talking about that”.

    2) I am not in the above boat, cause I have read your stuff and I know its quality. However, I wish I could see more infield material. I am visual person and I am good at learning stuff by modeling.

    3) start your own shit. rsd is going downhill.

  10. liking it man.
    Pick up advice is a form of entertainment, and what you’re suggesting definitely pulls people out of their comfort zone.

  11. djne,
    they call it “infotainment” and we are supposed to be some kind of “cool” teachers or something like that. I think this is very sad and only hurts the guys who are trully after improving their lives. I think looking at this as entertainment can delay the learning process, but it could be fun to succeed with women. is it fun to become enlightened spiritually? Is it fun to practice tennis for days under the heat? is it fun to go through a learning process?
    sometime it is, and sometimes it isn’t. thinking that is All fun and games is a gross misundertanding of the dynamics at work. you will be challenged mentally at times. other times you might cruise. however, wishing only for “cruising” is extremely damaging for your own learning process.

  12. hi Caue Custodio,

    i love brazil. i have run some bootcamps in Rio some time ago. Gotten laid there too. love your country. thanks for the praise. i will keep the blog up for the time being but with little or no expectations about it. that’s all i can do at this point.

  13. I just finished your book last week “The Physical Game” absolutly loved it. Your approach to pick-up is so strait forward and to the point compared to other teachers. You set the ground work for the average guy to meet woman without all the clutter everyone else teaches. the site…my suggestion for site is to promote yourself more,mabey more videos in field. Once more people know your the real deal in the field, they will come.

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